Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Need For A Better Educated Timeshare Consumer

Many years ago, when I was living in the Chicago area, I was a fan of a retailer with the advertising tagline of, "An educated consumer is our best customer." Since this was in the "dark ages" before the advent or perhaps the invention of the Internet and global communications as we now know them, the tagline was unique. In this day and ago however, it is a necessity.

Today's consumers have access to more information than ever before about every person, product and service out there. And while it is true that the glut of websites, blogs, social networking sites, etc. perhaps contain too much or at times irrelevant information, there can be no doubt that consumers are getting an education.

Here are some reasons why an educated timeshare consumer is a good thing:

1) Educated consumers know the truth about timeshare...all the truth
2) Educated consumers know how to best use the produt
3) Educated consumers who are using their timeshare well are likely to be happier than those who aren't educated
4) Happy owners lead to repeat and referral sales
5) Repeat and referral sales lead to higher revenue

What was true in the late 1980s for a retail store in the Midwest is all the more true for the timeshare industry in educated consumer is their best customer. One of the greatest issues facing the industry today is "Who is going to educate the consumer? You or the old-school financial report who says that timshares are a bad financial investment?

Its up to someone in the industry to take the initiative and educate the consumer...and reap the rewards

Stay tuned for information about Vacation Ownership Education sessions being held in Orlando this June.

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