Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No Such Thing As Free Travel-Anyway You Look At It

A recent report by the National Business Travel Association showed that the average hotel room rate throughout the United States was $95.61 which did not include $13.12 in room tax.

As if paying $95 per night to sleep was not bad enough, now travelers have to pay taxes of $13 per night to sleep. Seven nights at this hotel would run $669.27 plus $91.84 (almost a full night itself) for a total of $761.11.

Hmmm, but if I purchased a timeshare for say $3,000 from a reputable reseller, with annual fees of $500, I would break even after just a few years.

No such thing as a free vacation, or even a positive financial ROI on a vacation, but I would sure rather pay taxes on a something I own than $91 a night on something I rent.

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