Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Common Sense Genius From Seth Godin

I've professed my admiration for Seth Godin many times on this blog. Although Seth has to the best of my knowledge, never mentioned timeshare in any of his blog entries, most of his observations make perfect sense in the timeshare world. Consider this gem from Seth's blog last week:

No New Customers

What if a rift in the time-space continuum changed the universe and it was suddenly impossible to get new customers, new readers, new donors or new viewers?

How would that change what you do all day and how you spend your money and what you measure?

What if you tried acting that way now?

(What I meant: if you can't get new customers or new friends or new collegues, perhaps you could take really good care of the ones you've got? Cherish them, in fact.)

A good lesson for timeshare developers, no? Too often, the timeshare industry concentrates on new owners...get them in for a sales presentation and get them out...whether that means out the door or out to deeding and then out the door. "Next" you can hear the sales-force and developers yelling.

Timeshare would be a lot better off if the existing owners were taken better care of, valued and cherished. Taking care of your existing owners will prove far more effective and efficient than ANY "marketing" program will ever be.

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