Friday, July 2, 2010

The Power of Bad Advertising and Spam and a Lesson To Be Learned

We've all gotten hit with spam for foreign watches, foreign prescription pills and the like. I'd bet that if you were ever in the mood to purchase a foreign watch or have the need to get some prescription pills, these spammers would be the very last place you would turn to. Why? Because of their repeated, annoying messages. In this case, unwanted, untargetted repeated, annoying messages. It is if someone had only heard the words "reach" and "frequency" in a first semester marketing class and disregarded all the rest of the important information.

It is much the same way with these timeshare resale companies that have their automated calls bother you at home, or the way those same companies spend untold thousands of dollars sending you glossy four-color brochures saying all sorts of bad things about timeshare and telling you that they can rid you of maintenance fees forever. I would bet that if anyone were ever in the market to sell a timeshare, these companies would be the last place they would turn to.

Twitter is no better. Companies send "tweet" after "tweet"...sometimes 20 or more in a single hour with their offer.

Not only do these companies and organizations fail to understand what true advertising/marketing/social media is about, they build up far more ill will by being the last place consumers would ever turn to.

Hmmm, sounds suspiciously like the mini-vac companies constantly saying that "you've won a trip to Central Florida..." And the trend among timeshare buyers is what? Oh yes, the resale market where they let people buy a timeshare...imagine that.

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