Friday, April 29, 2011

Update From Vancouver-Timeshare Will Be Changing!

Kudos, congratulations and a great big "yeah" to Ross Perlmutter, everyone at CRDA and all who participated in this year's conference which just concludd in Vancouver, British Columbia.

From the Keynote Speech by Jim Madrid, to the final "Changing Gears" interactive session, the entire ocnference, or "summit" as it was officially called, focused on change, honest and the need for more and better consumer education.

As The Timeshare Crusader, I've been sounding the "a better educated consumer is this industry's best friend" call for so long without any positive reinforcement from either the timeshare industry or in most cases, consumers that I honestly planned on giving this whole thing up later this year.

And while that undoubtedly would have made many people (including my long-suffering family and non-timeshare savvy friends as well as some people in the industry) VERY happy, that plan has been tabled.

People at the summit didn't think I was a nut job!

There were serious discussions about the need to stay in touch with timeshare owners throughout their lives to insure that the legacy of future vacations stays just that and doesn't become the "I don't want the annual fee" whine that is all too common nowadays.

I heard people question the sanctity of the 90-minute timeshare presentation, gifting, fake TO price drops and forcing people to make a purchasing decision now having received no information prior to walking in the door.

With GNEX2011 less than 2 weeks away, with the promise of even more possibilities of significant change to the "we've always done it this way" timeshare system, The Timeshare Crusader is positively giddy with the prospects.

And that hasn't been the case in a very, very, very long time.

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