Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What If Apple Owned A Timeshare

With Apple stock toying with new highs every month, their ful retail stores, people waiting in line to buy their newest products and the fact that you don't hear a whole lot of bad things about their people, their products or their service---it got me thinking---what if Apple owned a timeshare?

First of all, there would be no gifting, i.e. bribery to get people to come in and see what everything was about. Maybe some cool advertising, but no free stuff. There would be no price drops...you could either afford the timeshare or you couldn't. It's called holding the value of your product. There would be less of a chasm between a "new" timeshare and a "used" one...sure you could save some bucks, but there would be significant differences between the two.

The people who sold the timeshare and the people who worked at the timeshare would be staunch supporters of the timeshare and owned one or more of them. The people that worked at the timeshare would know their stuff and wouldn't have to exagerate any of the benefits of the timeshare. It would work the way they said it would. If you had questions on how to best use your timeshare, you could sign up for a few free classes where you'd actually learn and no one would try to "upgrade" you.

Timeshares would be...what's the word? Oh yeah, cool. Timeshares would be cool and you would want to own one. Prehaps Mr. Jobs is looking to expand?

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