Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Four Pillars Of Branding

I recently read something that included the four pillars of branding and as usual, it got me thinking about the timeshare industry.

The four pillars of branding are:


I don't know about you, but I would not give the timeshare industry in general a grade much above a C- on these pillars.

How much do you as an owner know about timeshare?  How much does the salesperson?  How much does the ordinary non-timeshare owner know?  It's true that the people at the top of the industry know a LOT.  I've said it before and I'll say it again...knowing something and doing something with that knowledge are two different things.

Are timeshare owners held in esteem?  Are timeshare salespersons held in esteem?  How many people in timeshare tell their friends, relatives and acquaintenances that they are in "vacation", "real estate", or something else rather than acknowledging and being proud to say "timeshare"? 

Is timeshare relevant today?  From the number of non-timeshare companies at timeshare industry events, I would have to question that.  The same old marketing and sales techniques are certainly NOT relevant to today's consumer.  The very product (deeded for life) may not be relevant anymore.  The recent conventions that I've attended prove that even the people in the industry know that change is necessary.

How are timeshares different from travel clubs, hotels, motels, etc.?  It depends on who you ask.  Consumers seem to think that timeshares are less flexible and more expensive than other vacation alternatives...certainly NOT what the timeshare industry wants them to believe.  When a family can stay at a timeshare resort for a week for less than a timeshare owner's annual fee to own at that resort, I have to wonder where the differentition comes into play.

Again, I don't claim to have all the answers.  This blog is nothing more than a sounding board and a invitation to converse and exchange ideas.

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