Sunday, June 24, 2012

100 Timeshares And Not One Partner

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Tuscana Resort near Orlando to find out about their partnership with LEGOLAND Florida.

I've been a vocal, some say too vocal, proponent of the timeshare industry and individual timeshare resorts entering into strategic marketing alliances for some time now.  Back when I was a media buyer in Chicago, both I and my clients saw the many advantages that these alliances held.  And that was before the advent of social media...when all we had to work with was traditional advertising.  And it was quite successful.

LEGOLAND Florida is partnering with several local accommodation providers, including Tuscana Resort, on their Bed and Brick Partnership.  You can see all of their partners at  If you look over the list, you'll see one lone timeshare...Tuscana Resort.  (

Now, technically, Tuscana Resort is NOT a timeshare.  What I mean by that is that there are no active sales ongoing at the resort.  Units are owned by individuals, most of which choose to put inventory in a rental pool that Tuscana rents out for them for a fee.  So, what is the timeshare connection?  RCI members have access to some of Tuscana's inventory on a pure rental basis from RCI, which some owners take advantage of to spend a week or two extra in the Orlando area.

Now, while I congratulate Tuscana Resort for their foresight in making their wonderful, amenity laden resort a parter with LEGOLAND's Bed and Brick promotion, I question why no timeshare jumped on-board.  There are at least 100 timeshare resorts within an easy drive of the new LEGOLAND in Winter Haven.  Many of these timeshare resorts offer fabulous amenities which would be a huge plus for the family crowd that LEGOLAND is bound to attract.

You would think that timeshare resorts would pay attention and then learn from Tuscana's example.  Anyone?

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