Friday, November 16, 2012

If A Timeshare Is "More" Shouldn't Their Rating System Reflect That?

I was reading an article where someone was complaining about the rating of a hotel that she had recently stayed in.  What's the difference between a 2 star and a 3 star rating...and so on.

It started me thinking of the rather limiting ways timeshare are rated.  If memory serves, both RCI and II utilize a 1-5 rating system on check in and check out and overall resort quality along with one or two more criteria.

Imagine my surprise when I did some checking and found out the criteria that Mobil uses to rate a hotel/motel/resort 4 Star:

Four-Star Lodgings
Four-Star Lodging Establishment indicates an outstanding hotel providing the guest with a luxury experience in a distinctive setting, including expanded amenities and exceptional service. Guests at a Four-Star Hotel, Resort or Inn can expect to find all of the qualities for a Three-Star Hotel, Resort or Inn plus the following characteristics:

Services Detail

• Written confirmation is automatic or offered, either by mail, fax or e-mail.
• Guests name is used effectively, but discreetly, as a signal of recognition.
• The time from arriving at the reception area until registration is complete does not exceed five minutes (includes queuing).
• Bed is plush and inviting with oversized or numerous pillows.
• Bedcovers are elegant and stylish and with linens of exceptional quality and comfort.
• All written information is provided on good quality paper or pads, custom-printed or logoed.
• Bathroom presentation and placement of amenities and linens is thoughtful, careful, and elegant.
• Fresh ice is provided during evening service or at another time during the day.
• Turndown service is automatically provided.
• During turndown service, guest clothing is neatly handled and guest toiletries are neatly arranged and displayed on a cloth or shelf.
• Room service is delivered within 30 minutes.
• Room service order is delivered within five minutes of quoted time.
• One hour pressing is available.
• If resort, two hour pressing available
• Same day laundry and dry cleaning is available seven days/week.
• Wake-up call is personalized with guest's name and time of day.
• Wake-up call is delivered within two minutes of requested time.
• Special service desk identified as concierge/guest service is situated apart from reception/front desk.
• If Inn, Workstation where guest can access Internet (may be "borrowed" office) is available.
• If spa services are present, treatments are begun and ended on schedule, within five minutes of expected or booked time.
• If spa services are present, during treatment, therapist appears to be genuinely expert, moving seamlessly through the treatment as described and expected.
• If casino services are present, when playing slots for more than 20 minutes, drink service is offered.
• If casino services are present, when playing a table game for more than 15 minutes, drink service is offered.

Facilities Detail

• Lobby areas feature elegant live plants and/or fresh floral displays.
• A dedicated and secure luggage storage area is available.
• Public phones are equipped with seats, privacy panels and pad/pens.
• Public washrooms are furnished with upgraded materials and appointments/luxurious design.
• Televisions feature premium cable TV (two movie channels, two all-news, two financial).
• Guest room telephones have two lines.

Guest Room Detail

• Selection of at least 10 hangers including a variety of bars, clips and padded.
• In-room safe is present.
• If Inn, in-room safe is present or readily accessible on-site.
• If minibar is present, it is non auto-charge, and premium products are attractively displayed.
• Bed is triple sheeted or features washable duvets.
• Live plants are present in guest rooms.
• Shaving/makeup, lighted magnifying mirror is present.

Specialized Facility Detail

• Fitness equipment is available with personal headphones/televisions.
• Current newspapers and national-title magazines are provided in fitness and locker areas.
• If spa, treatment rooms are equipped with individually controlled temperature and sound systems

Even if we take away the items that only pertain to hotels and not to timeshares such as turndown service, it seems to me that this is a HUGE step up from the very limited items that timeshares are routinely rated on.

If timeshares truly are "more" than that's the story that needs to get out to the general public.  Time for a change!  Who's on board?

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  1. timeshares are overvalued. In my experience, i think is much more affordable to book a room in a regular hotel, that owning a timeshare. Here i found some comparative charts between timeshare travel and travel agencies. The difference is enormous!!