Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Companies Don't Do Things...People Do

I'd like to see more people in the timeshare industry come forward...or at least be "outed"...and take responsibility for both the good and the bad that happens.

What I mean is that a company doesn't do anything.  A person or a group of people at the company do things.  Remember the recent uproar over the so called "failure" of Apple Maps?  Well, Apple the company was not responsible for that...Scott Forestall was (supposedly) responsible for that and he was dealt with.

People complain all the time about bad timeshare sales people.  Well, I want to know who they are in addition to what company they work for.  I hear daily from people who say that they can't exchange their timeshare for anything.  Well, I want names.  The timeshare itself or RCI or II isn't responsible, the people are.

The same can be said for good things that happen.  If you are happy with the service from a timeshare related company, I want those names as well.

The only way I see out of this mess that the industry is in is for more transparancy.  People have got to be held responsible for what happens and those people have to be brought to the public's attention.


  1. Can't exchange their timeshare for anything?
    It's worthless?
    Wow, that's amazingly bad.
    I want to know more. Lots more.

  2. A lot of people don't understand timeshare even after they own them. There are third party sites out there that connect sellers or renters to buyers or renters. If someone wants to sell or exchange their timeshare they may just need to get a little creative.
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