Friday, March 8, 2013

Perfect Example Of What Needs To Change In Timeshare

I can't make this stuff up.

Last month I had dinner with some friends who purchased their first timeshare in 2001.  They bought that timeshare from me.

Since then, having fallen in love with the whole timeshare experience, they went on to purchase several more, including what is now Diamond Resorts-The Point at Poipu.  Yes, THAT resort that has imposed a $5,800+ special assessment fee on its owners.

Anyway, due to financial circumstances, including this assessment fee, my friends were forced to give up that timeshare. 

They told me that back in December of 2012 they had accompanied friends of theirs who still own at Poipu on a vacation to Hawaii.  My friends knew that at some point, they would be invited to the "informative resort preview" and be offered something for their time.  They were initially offered $100 for their time.

They politely declined, explaining their situation to the briber, I mean the "Marketing Specialist."  By mid-week, they had received four additional phone calls and the offer had risen to $150.

So, my exasperated friends took the offer.  They signed up for the timeshare sales pitch.  They showed up on time.  They told the salesperson exactly what happened.  The salesperson kept them about 30 minutes before letting them go.  AND THEY STILL RECEIVED THE $150.

The people in charge of hiring the marketing staff at Poipu need a good whack to the head.  But then again, without idiot practices like this, what else would I write about?

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  1. Haha! I think you just gave them a virtual "good whack on the head" Lisa. Thanks for sharing the story and calling out these *cough* "marketing specialists."