Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Who Looks Out For The Timeshare Owner?

I came across this story yesterday.


Sutherland Crossing in Palm Harbor Florida is set to close its doors on March 30th.

It seems maintanance fees rose quite substantially and there was also a special assessment.

The management company refused to elaborate to the reporter who called, claiming that  "We are explaining what's going on to our owners. I think that's plenty for now." 

Besides the fact that in fact, no, it's not plenty for now, I'm curious to find out what, if anything they've really explained to their owners.

One of the owners wrote this to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi in January of this year:

"After years of progressively deteriorating administration, my timeshare association board is forcing owners who remain to turn in their titles and accept whatever residual assets remain. The suggestion is that nothing much remains and their are liabilities and debts that the association must pay. Somehow over ninety percent of the units are non-paying and owned by the association. Is there an ombudsman for timeshare affairs?"

Great question indeed.  Who does look out for the timeshare owner?

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