Friday, April 5, 2013

The First Shot Has Been Fired In The Timeshare Wars

Timeshare owners and prospective timeshare owners everywhere had better start paying attention NOW.

As I've previously reported; entities within the timeshare industry are doing things right now to make it harder, if not impossible for timeshare owners to sell their timeshare.

These efforts are being undertaken as "benefitting the consumer"...when I have yet to see how the consumer is benefitting.

Read this story...if you're not sickened enough to join me and do something about it...well then, you're probably not reading this blog.


  1. So if you can't sell your timeshare and you can't afford the maintenance fees then your only option is not pay fees and have it foreclosured on and ruin your credit. Yeah, that seems fair!
    There needs to be a government agency that regulates timeshares. I own two timeshares, one in fl (festiva) and one in va and they couldn't be run any more differently. Festiva makes me hate timeshares with a passion and makes me regret ever buying. My timeshare in va is amazing and we love it. We been 3 times since buying in 08 and love it more each time we go. If there was more consistency among timeshare, like the amount that maintenece fees can increase people might not need to sell them as often. Wouldn't not being able to sell a timeshare cause people to not want to buy?

  2. She has filed a lawsuit against the assn, no surprise there. They denied the transfer to the new owner, what else could the seller do?

    Lisa, why do you say this is surprising in any way? I don't understand why this is anything to be surprised about.

    Again, if the timeshare and all it's debts and fees were limited to your timeshare estate itself, the assn would be nice to everyone, they would have to keep us happy and paying or they'd be dead.

    They would need us.

    We would be valuable customers rather than one of thousands of troublesome callers who inconvenience them by asking for what we bought. Or thought we bought.