Monday, October 7, 2013

Celebration World Resort/Festive/RCI Most Recent News

I know the blog has been quiet for several months about this particular issue.  I've advised readers and contributors to stay quiet as this is still on going legal matter.

However, I've received hundred of e-mails asking about what is going on, so here is what I know:

"There are ongoing resolution efforts."

Hope that helps.

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    To all prospective class members of the Festiva/Celebration World/RCI litigation:

    I know it’s frustrating to not have sufficient information to help you understand your options. The following represents everything I can supply to you at this time.

    1. Although no class has been determined by the court, it’s safe to state that if you had a certain, to be determined, number of RCI Points that were stripped from you when Festiva took over the resort, you will be a class member.

    2. Per the attached order, the parties anticipate resolving the class claims by April 11, 2014, (delayed from the initial target date in January 2014).

    3. Although the settlement negotiations are, and will remain strictly confidential until they are released, I can advise that significant progress has been made and we are hopeful for a resolution in early April.

    4. Please know that at this time, as a potential class member, Finn Law Group is not your legal counsel. As such, I cannot impart legal advice to non-clients. The most pressing question that has been repeatedly addressed to me has been whether it will be required to be fully paid up regarding maintenance fees to be eligible to participate in any resolution. Although this matter has not been resolved at this time, I think it’s fair to state that there is a good possibility that settlement will be weighed more heavily in favor of non-defaulting parties. I can only state further that we are aware that potential class members who have suffered damages have made the decision to stop paying their maintenance fees. Know that your sentiments are represented during the negotiations. Know further that you will be able to “opt-out” of any proposed settlement agreement that is presented, meaning your rights will not be impacted by the resolution, and you’ll be able to pursue your own independent legal remedies for claims.

    We are hopeful, however, that any settlement reached will be one you are pleased with and will choose to be a part of.