Monday, December 2, 2013

Lists and Likes-And Why You Shouldn't Like It

This is an actual posting from LinkedIn:

"Fresh Timeshare owner leads produced daily, people who genuinely want to sell or get out.  Contact me for price and details."

In addition to capitalizing "timeshare" when it shouldn't be, there is much wrong with this posting:

*  the poster used to work at several name brand timeshare companies
*  at the time I saw this, the posting had received 4 "likes" from other LinkedIn members
*  all 4 of those "likes" came from people within the timeshare industry

Where are these "fresh owners leads produced daily" coming from?

Why do people from the timeshare industry "like" this posting?

Why isn't the timeshare community cracking down on the practice of selling owner lists?

Why isn't the timeshare community doing anything to help owners who think they want to sell, but really are thirsting for knowledge to help them use their timeshare better?

If you're a timeshare owners, I'm sure you don't "like" this.  What are you going to do about it?  Remember, that timeshare knowledge IS timeshare power.  Go and get it.

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