Wednesday, July 30, 2014

An Excellent Article By Jayson DeMers

I've written at length about how I feel the entire timeshare industry could benefit from a long, hard look at how Apple does things.

I'm obviously not the only fan of Apple out there.  In this article by Jayson DeMers, he talks about Apple's "simple but brilliantly not so simple" approach, including this quote;

"According to research done by CEB, the most effective way to reach consumers isn’t through elaborate and complex websites, ads or sales copy, but rather through simplifying the decision making process: in other words, presenting exactly what consumers need to know, while leaving out the rest. In fact, they found that companies who simplified and streamlined the decision making process for their customers were 86% more likely to make a sale."

So very true and this statement has big implications for timeshare.

You can read the rest of Jayson's article here:

What are your thoughts on timeshare marketing?

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