Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A Rant...Against Consumers!?!?

As someone who has been writing about the timeshare industry for many years, I have joined a number of Facebook groups dealing with various timeshare resorts. I’ve been viewing the recent posts and ensuing comments over the past few weeks and for the most part, kept my mouth shut. 

I can’t keep quiet any longer. As some of you know, I’ve been writing about the industry and attempting to help as many consumers as possible for almost 18 years. I do not consider myself to an expert, although I do my very best to keep up to date with the goings on in the industry. 

A few points:

>Just because you have a computer, a keyboard and have sat through a timeshare sales pitch, or even purchased one,  does not make you an expert. There are too many replies being posted that are erroneous and doing more harm than good.

>Just because you purchased a trial program or a timeshare without doing a modicum of research before plopping down your money and you now decide you don’t want it or can’t afford it does not mean you have an legitimate complaint, especially one that you’re going to file with law enforcement. Don’t get me wrong-I abhor the lies being told by some sales staff and it should cease. However, understand that your seemingly unending practice of believing some of the most outrageous stories known to mankind, only serve to encourage these liars and as you know, the developer relies on the ‘You signed the contract’ defense over and over again.

>Constantly asking ‘How do they get away with it?’ does no one any good. We all know the problem and we all know that they DO get away with it. There’s a much bigger and broader issue here that seems to get ignored. Systemic change is necessary. 

Consumers MUST take some responsibility for what’s going on. The developers that turn a blind eye to, or worse, encourage their sales staff to misrepresent the product, are under no pressure to change their ways because it works. You continue to fill their sales rooms day after day. You continue to allow them to hold your credit cards and drivers licenses hostage to drag out a 2 hour presentation to 4 hours. You continue to sign paperwork that you’ve never read and don’t understand. You continue to blindly accept what the sales person says without asking to see it in the contract. And you continue to buy. And buy. And buy some more. 

Rant over. 

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  1. Agree with you wholeheartedly! People need to use their brains (& Google) a little more. If you sign up for a timeshare presentation then Google that company for any type of comments or complaints about their timeshare BEFORE YOU GO. Google resale listings for them, Google actual sold prices from the resale market (Redweek,TUG...) print them off and take them to the presentation. If you are told it will be a 90 minute presentation then set your phone alarm for 90 minutes, when it goes off stand up and ask which way to gifting since you have been there the required time. If the salesperson tries to keep you longer say in a very loud voice that you will not be held hostage listening to a sales pitch for something that can be had for free or next to it on the resale market. They will usher you out just to keep you quiet! Also never take a credit card or drivers license into a timeshare presentation or owners update (same thing), then you wont be tempted if you have a lapse in judgement.