Monday, August 31, 2009

How Does Seth Know So Much About The Timeshare Industry?

Many of you that read blogs probably already read Seth Godin's...if you don't I highly recommend it.

My post today is really a condensed version of his blog today...with some added comments from me about how it all relates to the timeshare industry and the continuing antiquated methods it still employs under the heading of "Marketing."

When George Washington was a teenager, did he really, really, really want a car?


In order to want something, you probably need to know it exists. (Is anyone in the timeshare industry listening?) But my guess is that it surely helps if you've been marketed to.

One definition of happiness is wanting the things you're likely to get (or, conversely, not wanting the unattainable.) (People who agree to go on a timeshare presentation, want the gift, NOT the timeshare pitch.) One definition of marketing is persuading the world it wants what you have, regardless if they can afford it or not.

We don't hesitate to motivate employees by marketing them the benefits of being promoted, even if they can't all possibly get this. We don't hesitate to tease kids by marketing every conceivable unattainable Christmas gift at them, relentlessly. (And yet, I have still to see a compelling advertisement, PSA or PR campaign about the benefits of timeshare.)

Teenage girls are taught what to want by magazines and peers. (And consumers who take advantage of the offers that the industry puts out there, are taught that there is no end to the number of presentations that they can attend to get various gifts.)

And so, once again, it seems to come down to a personal decision. If you decide what you want (instead of letting someone else decide for you) perhaps you could choose the things that would actually bring you and your loved ones the satisfaction you can live with. (Sorry, but "the things that actually bring you and your loved ones the satisfaction you can live with" sounds like the benefits of a great vacation...and isn't that what the timeshare industry offers?)

So, why doesn't the industry stop all the bribing, all the gifting and all the BS and just concentrate on selling a great vacation? I challenge the industry...just tell people what it is and they WILL come running. Expedia, Orbitz,, etc. are clear examples of the fact that people are looking for a great deal on a great vacation.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Welcome To The New Blog

Welcome to the new blog! I'll be posting both old and new articles here as well as important updates and information about timeshare, consumer protection, groups and publications I recommend and other things that make a difference.

Feel free to ask questions, comment and recommend the blog to others.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for a new entry later this week.