Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Press Release

Here's the link to today's Press Release


Don't worry...we're not being bought out by RedWeek.com, just as we were not being bought out by Holiday Group. We don't work for either of those companies and you will not see any advertising on the site about these companies. We align ourselves with companies that have a good track record, that's all.

The more outlets there are to help consumers, the better off everyone is.

Can't Be Repeated Enough

I've said this before, but recently I've received a lot of e-mails about "things that were promised", so I thought I would repeat it.

Read every document you receive when you buy a timeshare, no matter who you purchase it from. Take your time with the documents. Ask questions if you have them.

If something was promised to you, get it in writing. If someone won't put it in writing, assume that it is not true.

Of course, these caveats go for all purchases, timeshare or not, but unfortunately, there's a lot of "ether" floating around timeshare sales rooms and timeshare websites.

Read, understand, get it in writing...and then have great vacations.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Speaking In Chicago

It's been confirmed! I'll be one the featured speakers at the Chicago Travel Show November 13th and 14th at Navy Pier.

This will be a generic presentation, no selling of anything of course. There will be plenty of time for your questions as well.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Chicago.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mr. So Called Expert Is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

I recently came across a column by a well-known "consumer advocate" where he answered a letter concerning timeshare presentations.

Now, I have written extensively about the insanity of timeshare presentations...and have survived any number of them myself as a former timeshare salesperson...so my thoughts are well known on the subject.

But this "consumer advocate" went off track and really bashed timeshare stating that an overwhelmingly large number of owners (97% he said) were dis-satisfied with their timeshare. NOT TRUE! Most people who own their timeshare are quite satisfied thank you. He went on to say that timeshares have absolutely no redeeming feature. And what do you base this on, Mr. So Called Expert?

I immediately posted a comment with the truth, which I doubt he will have the "you know what" to post because I dared to disagree with him.

When members of the media go on the record with blatently untrue stories about timeshare, it is up to you, me and everyone else who knows the truth to counter them. There is much wrong with timeshare as we all know. Yet, there is much good and right with timeshare as well. Members of the media who are quick to dismiss the entire industry as bad are just as bad as timeshare salesperson who use my four dreaded words, "free", "perfect", "always" and/or "never." They simply aren't to be believed.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Common Sense Genius From Seth Godin

I've professed my admiration for Seth Godin many times on this blog. Although Seth has to the best of my knowledge, never mentioned timeshare in any of his blog entries, most of his observations make perfect sense in the timeshare world. Consider this gem from Seth's blog last week:

No New Customers

What if a rift in the time-space continuum changed the universe and it was suddenly impossible to get new customers, new readers, new donors or new viewers?

How would that change what you do all day and how you spend your money and what you measure?

What if you tried acting that way now?

(What I meant: if you can't get new customers or new friends or new collegues, perhaps you could take really good care of the ones you've got? Cherish them, in fact.)

A good lesson for timeshare developers, no? Too often, the timeshare industry concentrates on new owners...get them in for a sales presentation and get them out...whether that means out the door or out to deeding and then out the door. "Next" you can hear the sales-force and developers yelling.

Timeshare would be a lot better off if the existing owners were taken better care of, valued and cherished. Taking care of your existing owners will prove far more effective and efficient than ANY "marketing" program will ever be.

Monday, May 10, 2010

And The Scams Unfortunately Continue

Over the weekend, I was contacted by several consumers who have received phone calls and e-mails from companies using names very similar to the resort where they own claiming to know about increasing annual fees and of course giving them an "out"...for an upfront fee.

WHERE do these companies get their database from? If anyone has actually gone through with one of these scams, contact me.

Owners will prevail!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Endless Vacation Rental Special Offer

Through August 15th, Endless Vacation Rentals is offering a $100 discount off of any weekly vacation rental of $500 or more.

I just went on the website and found some nice destinations:

August Steamboat Springs, Colorado 2-bedroom/sleeps 6 $849 for the week

August Park Rapids, Minnesota 2-bedroom/sleeps 6 $570 for the week

July Grand Cayman Island 2-bedroom/sleeps 6 $1,065 for the week

Nice deals...and remember, no timeshare sales presentation is necessary when you book these rentals!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Great WRMN Interview

Thanks to Chuck France at WRMN in Elgin for a TERRIFIC interview. We'll have the audio up on the site within a week or so.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Timeshare License Information

We've been telling people for years to only do business with reputable persons and organizations. I've also been saying for a long time now that it is perfectly acceptable to ask to see the timeshare salesperson's license before doing business.

Here is a list of states and the required license to sell timeshare.

Alabama-Real Estate License
Arizona-Real Estate License
Arkansas-Real Estate License
California-Real Estate License
Colorado-Broker License
Connecticut-Real Estate License
Delaware-Real Estate License
District of Columbia-Real Estate License
Florida-Real Estate License
Georgia-Real Estate License
Hawaii-Real Estate License
Idaho-Real Estate License
Illinois-Registered to an Existing Developer Registration
Indiana-Real Estate License
Iowa-Real Estate License
Kansas-Real Estate License
Kentucky-Real Estate License
Louisana-Registered as a Timeshare Interest Person OR Real Estate License
Maine-No License Required
Maryland-Real Estate License
Massachusetts-Real Estate Licence
Michagan-Real Estate License
Minnesota-Real Estate License
Mississippi-Real Estate License
Missouri-No License Required
Montana-Special Timeshare Sales License
Nebraska-Real Estate License
Nevada-Timeshare Agent License
New Hampshire-Real Estate License
New Jersey-Real Estate License
New Mexico-Real Estate Associate Broker or Qualifying Broker License
New York-Real Estate License
North Carolina-Real Estate License
North Dakota-No current sales activity being conducted
Ohio-Real Estate License
Oklahoma-No License Required
Oregon-Real Estate License
Pennsylvania-Timeshare Salesperson License OR Real Estate License
Rhode Island-Real Estate License
South Carolina-Timeshare Salesperson License
South Dakota-Timeshare Agent License
Tennesee-Timeshare Salesperson License
Texas-No License Required
Utah-Registration as a Timeshare Salesperson
Vermont-Real Estate License
Virginia-No License Required
Washington-Timeshare Salesperson License
West Virginia-Real Estate License
Wisconsin-Timeshare Salesperson License
Wyoming-Real Estate License

I'll be looking into the differentiation between a Real Estate License and Timeshare Salesperson License in the next month and report here on the blog.

In the meantime, Illinois, Maine, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia---get going on some licensing requirements.