Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Timeshare License Information

We've been telling people for years to only do business with reputable persons and organizations. I've also been saying for a long time now that it is perfectly acceptable to ask to see the timeshare salesperson's license before doing business.

Here is a list of states and the required license to sell timeshare.

Alabama-Real Estate License
Arizona-Real Estate License
Arkansas-Real Estate License
California-Real Estate License
Colorado-Broker License
Connecticut-Real Estate License
Delaware-Real Estate License
District of Columbia-Real Estate License
Florida-Real Estate License
Georgia-Real Estate License
Hawaii-Real Estate License
Idaho-Real Estate License
Illinois-Registered to an Existing Developer Registration
Indiana-Real Estate License
Iowa-Real Estate License
Kansas-Real Estate License
Kentucky-Real Estate License
Louisana-Registered as a Timeshare Interest Person OR Real Estate License
Maine-No License Required
Maryland-Real Estate License
Massachusetts-Real Estate Licence
Michagan-Real Estate License
Minnesota-Real Estate License
Mississippi-Real Estate License
Missouri-No License Required
Montana-Special Timeshare Sales License
Nebraska-Real Estate License
Nevada-Timeshare Agent License
New Hampshire-Real Estate License
New Jersey-Real Estate License
New Mexico-Real Estate Associate Broker or Qualifying Broker License
New York-Real Estate License
North Carolina-Real Estate License
North Dakota-No current sales activity being conducted
Ohio-Real Estate License
Oklahoma-No License Required
Oregon-Real Estate License
Pennsylvania-Timeshare Salesperson License OR Real Estate License
Rhode Island-Real Estate License
South Carolina-Timeshare Salesperson License
South Dakota-Timeshare Agent License
Tennesee-Timeshare Salesperson License
Texas-No License Required
Utah-Registration as a Timeshare Salesperson
Vermont-Real Estate License
Virginia-No License Required
Washington-Timeshare Salesperson License
West Virginia-Real Estate License
Wisconsin-Timeshare Salesperson License
Wyoming-Real Estate License

I'll be looking into the differentiation between a Real Estate License and Timeshare Salesperson License in the next month and report here on the blog.

In the meantime, Illinois, Maine, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia---get going on some licensing requirements.


  1. What about having a lic makes a person reputable? Just means you passed a test.....

  2. Al, you are 100% correct, which is why I have been talking about the need for a Global Timeshare Sales License for several years now...which would include ETHICS.