Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Information On Selling Your Timeshare

If you've been contacted by a company offering to sell or rent your timeshare, the Better Business Bureau advises using caution, especially if an "advance fee" is involved. While these companies claim to have ready buyers or renters, imply that they are representing foreign investores, or that corporations are interested; most are just offering to advertise your timeshare for sale.

Do NOT confuse the service of an advertising or marketing company with those of a real estate company. In most real estate transactions, it is the buyer who puts up a deposit and the real estate company gets its commission from the seller only after the deal closes.

Ask if the company's salespeople are licensed to sell real estate or whether they are selling an advertising program. If you are contacted by a marketing service, don't allow the caller into pressuring you into making a hurried decision. Request detailed written information about the company's services, find out where they currently advertise and visit other Internet listings the company may have.

Most company can not tel you whether a timeshare has rented or sod because these are generally "For Sale (or Rent) By Owner" advertisements. Fees for timeshare listing services can range from $295 to $600 or more with little guarantee that your timeshare will be sold or rented. Be sure to get all promises in writing, but remember that even then, those promises are only as good as the company that stands behind them.

For additional infomation on how to get out from a timeshare that you no longer need or want, e-mail me at and request MODULE 3. Remember, Timeshare Insights does NOT sell, rent, buy, broker or represent any timeshare or any type of timeshare. What you'll get is clear, concise, useful and above all, unbiased information on what to do.

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