Wednesday, November 25, 2009

RCI Shop and Save

Finally, some good news for everyone who has an RCI membership. Long overdue, but good news is good news.

RCI has partnered with Mall Networks in a program that earns members cash rewards for shopping online.

The list of participating merchants is much too long to cover in this blog. Suffice it to say that it is quite comprehensive and is full of major retailers that you are familar with the probably already use on a regular basis.

Here's an example of how easy it is to earn rewards using this new Shop and Save Program:


1 Dozen Roses 1-800-FLOWERS $ 29.00 $ 3.59

1 Pair of Jeans Macys $ 39.99 $ 1.99

1 Scarf NY and Company $ 10.99 $ .65

1 Toaster Target $ 19.99 $ .59
1 Shelving Unit Target $ 49.99 $ 1.49

1 Sweater Express $ 19.50 $ .58

1 Throw Rug $ 29.00 $ 1.16

1 iPod Touch Apple $149.99 $ 2.99

TOTAL $13.10

OK, I know that $13.19 is not enough money to even make an RCI exchange, but it is $13.10 that you'd have in your pocket for doing nothing more than you would have done anyway, and that's the point.

Anytime you have at least $25.00 in your account in any given quarter, you'll get a check mailed to you.

I used products with fairly low price points in my example above. Let's say you purchase a Mac Pro computer for $2,'d earn $49.98 on that one purchase. Not bad at all.

I'm fairly certain that RCI and one of its affiliates, NorthCourse, is mining all of your purchase information in an attempt to send you information leading to even more purchases, but face facts, every time you use a frequent shopper card, that company is doing the exact same thing. We are smack in the midst of the information age whether we like it or not.

RCI might even use this information to actually begin some good target marketing for its affiliate resorts...could this be the start of a new age in timeshare "marketing?" Could RCI actually be starting to do what I've been writing about for years and years now? Could this be the start of some mutually beneficial marketing alliances being formed between a timeshare and a major retailer such as Target?

Naw, I doubt it...they haven't caught on that much yet. But money in your pocket for shopping? Get on board!

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