Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good News From The Vermont Attorney General

Back in July, I did an undercover piece with WFTV here in Orlando revealing some of the nonsense that goes on at one of those despised "postcard company" presentations...the ones that lure unsuspecting timeshare owners in with promises to make "immediate offers" on their timeshare only to find out that it involves both giving up the fully-paid deed and a few thousand dollars.

A really, really, really bad thing for any consumer to do.

News came from the Vermont Attorney General's office that the company in question will have to pay over $64,000 to 15 consumers and $65,000 in penalties for their practices.

This is wonderful news for consumers and I hope that other states will follow suit. I'll be featured in January on a major network segment about this and other companies.

If you want details about the Vermont case, you can access the news at http://www.atg.state.vt/.us/news/timeshare-repurchaser-settles-with-attorney-general.php

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