Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why Can't People Just Say No?

I've been reading a rash of unfavorable reviews of timeshare resorts lately...and they almost all have to do with complaints about sitting through a timeshare presentation.

Look people...it's 2010, you know perfectly well that if you accept the discounted tickets, you're going to have to sit through a timeshare pitch. Just like you did last year, the year before that and in some cases, the day before yesterday in an attempt to "subsidize" your vacation.

I've railed for years against the timeshare industry for "bribing" consumers with these discounted tickets and the like. And I haven't softened my stance one bit.

But, let's put some blame where some blame is due...if you don't want to find out more about a timeshare, if you don't want to buy a timeshare, if you can't afford the timeshare, or the only way you can afford to go on vacation is to take advantage of timeshare presentations...DON'T SAY YES...do the right thing and SAY NO.

You'll save everyone a whole lot of aggravation and might actually improve your vacations. I don't know anyone who find timeshare sales pitches fun.

It's not the resort's fault you didn't like the presentation or even the vendor who sold you the discounted package. It's YOUR fault for taking the bait when you know perfectly well what is in store.


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