Monday, March 29, 2010

10 Reasons To Work With An Independent Timeshare Consultant

1. You've "Googled" timeshare and come up with 15 million entries. Need a little help editing those down?

2. Remember your last vacation when you ended up in a tiny hotel room overlooking the parking lot that was being resurfaced? Isn't a vacation supposed to give you something better?

3. How many timeshare sales pitches have you gone on? Do you know the "timeshare movie" by heart?

4. Hmmm, the salesperson started by saying that the price was $40, the time the manager comes over the third time the price is down to $10,000. Do you find that confusing?

5. Did you really believe the last timeshare salesperson you dealt with...the 22-year old who said that he owned a 3-bedroom timeshare in Hawaii?

6. Why is it that the salesperson keeps saying that this resort is the #1 in demand resort, but it's just you and another couple in the huge sales rom at 8:00 in the morning?

7. What does "all red, all the time" mean anyway?

8. You get the price of just about everything else online, why won't the developer give you the price of the timeshare online?

9. You're confused with all the media coverage about timeshare being a lousy investment. Isn't spending money on renting hotels a lousy investment?

10. Why would you buy anything after listing to a biased salesperson for 2 hours? Do you buy anything else that way?

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