Monday, July 5, 2010

Another Timeshare "Reseller" Gets Their Due

Timeshare Relief, Inc. based in Torrance, California has been hit with more than $91,000 in consumer refunds AND a $50,000 fine to the State of Vermont.

It seems that the Vermont Attorney General is going after the so-called "postcard companies" with a vengence, as this is the 2nd such finding in less than a few months.

Among the findings was that Timeshare Relief, Inc. engaged in "deceptive trade practice" with the use of their financial benefits worksheet that led people to believe that they might be eligible for a tax deduction against any payment to the company.

Having sat through one of these "presentations" I can tell you that I almost laughed out loud when my "consultant" started in with the tax deductions, capital loss forms, computations of interest, etc.

If it has been said once it has been said a thousand times, but bears not pay anyone an upfront fee to list or sell your timeshare for you, especially if they contact you first.

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