Friday, July 9, 2010

A Few Words On Reselling Timeshare, Semantics and The Word Free

I'll start by saying this...I have not gone soft. I have not sold out. I have not lost my mind.

I do however, want to shed some light on the whole business of timeshare resales, listing fees, advertising fees and free.

First thing first...there is no such thing as "free", something I've been saying for years and made a point about in my first book.

Secondly, if a consumer wants to sell their timeshare that they no longer use/want/know how to use, etc., let's look at their options:

* advertise in their local newspaper
* advertise on a general Internet site (Craig's List, eBay, etc.)
* advertise in a timeshare publication
* advertise on a timeshare releated Internet site
* advertise through a general real estate agent (assuming one will take it)

All of those, with the exception of Craig's List which I believe is free, will charge the consumer something for advertising. In the case of a general real estate agent, again, assuming you can find one that understands how to advertise timeshare, they will charge you a commission after the timeshare is sold.

Which would you rather advertise your timeshare on...a timeshare specific site or a general site? If you understand advertising and want the most bang for your buck, you'd choose the timeshare specific site. And you'd want a timeshare specific site that can verify that they have thousands of unique visitors a day and can back up the fact that they in fact sell a large percentage of the timeshares that they have listed.

Consumers need to make a value you want to spend $20.00 to become a member of a site or orgaization and then have the ability "list" your timeshare for no additional fee, or do you want to spend $300 or $400 to "list" your timeshare on another site?

I'm not saying one is better than the other...that is for each consumer to decide for themselves. Assuming that neither option guarantees the sale of your timeshare, in which case I would run for the hills, you're paying money for something.

I am NOT endorsing any company here and I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not saying that timeshare advertising companies are the same as those horrible "postcard" companies that I think are among some of the worst offenders in the entire timeshare related industry.

It's your timeshare, it's your money...ask questions, demand answers, ask for proof of reliability, sales, BBB standing, etc. Be safe, be smart.

And happy vacationning!

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