Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Has Anyone Had A Good Experience With A Vacation Club?

Vacation clubs...I've never met one that I was a fan of.

Many timeshares are now selling "vacation clubs" in lieu of timeshares, which is sufficient for a separate blog post. However, I'm interested in the actual value and use of these clubs.

They usually involve a price of several thousand dollars...I've seen them anywhere from $1,999 to $14,999 (!) and are full of low cost vacation "strategies" and deals.

My first issue with these clubs is that they use timeshare accommodations. This presents an issue not only to timeshare owners...which inventory are these clubs using and to the vacation club members as well...what happens when the inventory runs out?

My second issue is with the so-called "deals" that these clubs promise. I doubt that these "deals" aren't available to the general public without the high vacation club membership price attached. You want discounted cruises? There are a ton of sites that you can access without being a member of anything. Ditto...and I would bet that any discounts you can obtain through these memberships are restrictive in terms of what airline, how many stops, number of seats, etc.

The travel industry, with the exception of the timeshare industry, has become somewhat transparant over the past few years. I remain a skeptic of these vacation clubs and invite readers to agree or disagree.

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