Thursday, October 7, 2010

And What Now With All Those Timeshares?

As most of you know, it seems that Holiday Group out of Seattle has gone out of business. As in completely gone out of business.

The last time I checked, there were hundreds of timeshares for sale on their site. There has been some speculation that trying to pay all of those annual fees was one of the contributing factors to their apparant demise.

So what is going to happen to all those timeshares and more importantly, what is going to happen to all those unpaid annual fees? My guess is that the resorts in question are going to take a hit and then pass that hit onto other owners. A raw deal for everyone concerned.

I'd appreciate knowing if there is a "spike" in annual fees around the country or in a specific geographic region owing to this debacle.


  1. Their site is live today. Sure they are out of business?

  2. I believe that their site has remained from Day 1. No one seems to be answering the phone though at the company. If you get an answer, we'd all like to know.

  3. I called, it said all circuits are busy. I didn't try again, however.

    I also tried the live chat, but apparently that is disabled, likely because they didn't pay their bill.

    They may be toast, and their site will be there until the hosting payment runs out at their ISP.