Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Selling vs. Buying...Continued

People don't like to be sold anything, but people do like to buy. People don't like to tell other people that someone sold them something, but they do like to tell other people that they bought something.

No one comes up to you and asks, "that's a nice pair of earrings, who sold them to you?" Rather, they ask, "Nice pair of earrings, where did you buy them?" Chances are you did just that, you bought them. I don't know about you, but if I walk into a jewelry store and I even sniff "salesmanship" going on, I walk out.

That is not to be confused with a helpful sales person showing me things, educating me, offering me alternatives and then letting me make up my mind.

In traditional timeshare sales (there's that word again), that doesn't happen all that much, though does it? Sure, there's a bit of showing stuff, but all of it is done (and taught) so that the end result is a sale. Salespeople are even taught that. This is a common saying at morning meetings around the country: "There's a sale made every day...either you sold them, or they sold you."

Show people a better vacation alternative and they will buy in droves. And everyone will be happier.

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