Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What's The Definition of a Resort?

My recent article on the need for consistency and transparancy left out two issues; the whole business of "resort" and the whole issue of "gifting."

My thoughts on "resorts" first.

Did you know that any property, hotel, motel, timeshare, etc. can use the word "resort" freely? There are no standards for what is and what isn't a resort and that can obviously lead to some confusion and anger.

Take for instance the case of two timeshare "resorts" in the Orlando area. Both are RCI point-based properties. One is on a lake, has 4 pools, 2 spa pools, several water features, 3 children's pools, numerous bars and snack areas, a large general store, boating, jet-skiing, 2 children's play areas, free shuttle service to a nearby grocery store, a large, fully-equipped fitness area, a basketball court, 3 tennis courts, other outdoor sport areas and much more.

The other one has a pool, a tiny spa pool, a small children's pool, 2 BBQ grills and a sadly-in-need of repair basketball court.

You guessed it...both of them have the word "resort" in their name. One is not mis-leading, the other one definitely is mis-leading...I can't imagine anyone using the word "resort" to describe it after seeing it.

Timeshares aren't the only ones using this word though, as I said, any schlocky hotel or motel can tack up the word "resort" without any fear of misrepresentation.

I think it's time the timeshare consumer comes up with a new word and standards for it's use. Ideas?

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