Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lisa's Thanksgiving Post

We all know that I rant and rave about the need for positive changes within the timeshare industry. Of course lately, I'm not the pariah I once was at the various timeshare conferences and conventions that I attend as more and more industry leaders are suffering the consequences of years of bad marketing, negative press and other things that could have been avoided had they paid attention. But I digress. The point of this post is to give a public "thank you" to people within the timeshare industry that I have either learned from, received help from, learned a lesson from (good or bad), received encouragement from, etc. No, this does nothing to diminish my unbiased stance, no one paid to be included...as a matter of fact the people mentioned in here probably don't even read my blog (!) so they don't know anything about it.

There's no reasoning behind the order of these names, but they all deserve a hearty thank you and on this Thanksgiving Day I though it appropriate:

Lou Ann Burney and Howard Nussbaum from ARDA
Ross Perlmutter from CRDA
Fermin Cruz, Ramy Filo and Francis Taylor from DAE Live
Jim Lewis and Diane Hancock from Disney Vacation Club
Stacey Patrick and Rachel Ortinau from ICE
Jay Wilson, John Sanginei and Christine Boesch from Interval International
Tammie Kaufman from the University of Central Florida
Edward Kinney from Marriott Vacation Club International
Ed and MaryLou Hastry from the National Timeshare Owners Association
Frank Debar from the Florida Timeshare Owners Group
Paul and Sharon Mattimoe, Steve Luba and Matt McDonald from Perspective International
Tim McLaughlin, Shane Flannagan and Jessica Kornacki from Group RCI
Maurice Aubrey, Gary Prado and Alisa Stephens from RedWeek.com
Brian Rogers from TUG
Barry Brown, Freda Stemick and Carrie Vandever from Resort Trades
Karen Donohue from Trading Places International
Joseph Holland and Randy Upchurch from the University of Wisconsin-Stout
Judi and Jay Kozlowski from the LTRBA
Jason Tremblay from SellMyTimeshareNow.com
Keith Trowbridge from Executive Quest
Ray Jacobs and Shep Altshuler from TimeSharing Today
Dave Thackeray from Word and Mouth
Helen Foster from RCI Ventures
Georgi Bohrod from GBG and Associates
Kathy Hernandez from Kathy Hernandez and Associates
Sharon Drechsler from Drechsler Communications
Nelson Cienfuegos from Westgate Resorts
Rod Hackman from Inside The Gate

and countless others who I'm sure I missed.

A shout out to some of the fine people that I've been fortunate enough to work with at various resorts many years ago when I first started off in timeshare: Amy and Shawn Bush, Connie and Johnnie Jett, Frank Gilmore, Sherri Brady, Frank Gilmore, Curtis Boyer, Jean Kilani, Adriana Santos, Donna Dampier, Roger Piper and Janet Hartog to name a few.

And a special "thanks" to the many timeshare owners that I've been privilaged to meet over the years either through direct timeshare contact, various owners' groups or who have worked with me at Timeshare Insights...I got started in this writing, consulting and education business because of you...I hope that I have done you all some good.

Have a great Thanksgiving.


  1. Thanks Lisa! and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! I am also thankful for both the industry, and my friends and colleagues in the industry! (guess that lets ya know that one of us does read your blog! LOL)