Monday, November 22, 2010

Not "Exactly" Timeshare Related

OK, not at ALL timeshare related. I just felt the need to vent.

I just returned from my local grocery store where I had to show my drivers' license, be entered into a database and sign a release in order to purchase 24 nasal decongestant pills. This is presumably so that the authorities will be able to find me in the event that there is an increase in the amouth of meth that they may find in Clermont in the near future. Of course, the fact that I also purchased cough medicine, diabetes medication for Julian the cat, Honey Nut Cherrios and Earl Grey tea did nothing to indicate that I might NOT be the meth dealer that they are looking for.

I write this three days before I have to endure the TSA screenings at the airport before being allowed to fly home to enjoy Thanksgiving with my friends and family. Yeah, I know, I REALLY fit the profile of people who are likely to do something sinister while flying. Thank goodness that the cough medicine I purchased is in tablet form, or else that would likely be confiscated.

I know that as Americans, we take our freedoms for granted and the minute that anything "interferes" with that, we bristle. I'm not like that. As the child of immigrants whose family was persecuted, no, make that slaughtered by the Nazis, I don't take my freedoms for granted and I thank God that I live in the society that I do.

But this decongestant, 3 ounces of liquid, inappropriate patdowns nonsese is just that...nonsense. It does nothing to make us any safer from anything. All it does is provide good humor for the terrorists and drug dealers out there who are, no doubt, thinking up new ways to go about their dangerous business.

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