Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What If Timeshare...

Between the talking at the timeshare conferences and the online chatter these days you would think that the people actually running the timeshare industry would have come to some solid realizations and taken the opportunity to do something radically different...that is radically different in the timeshare world.

There's talk about the so-called "new marketing fundamentals" which any first semester college student could easily grasp. Then there's the chatter about some companies looking to "change the tour qualifications." Again, really basic stuff here. If your product is $25,000, chances are that a couple with 2 kids under the age of 8 making $40,000 shouldn't be buying it and more importantly, you shouldn't wasting your marketing dollars on them.

What if all the time, energies and yes, money...timeshare companies are actually paying "thinkers" to come up with these first semester marketing ideas...were spent on actually making the product better, addressing the very real issues of pricing and the resale market and policeing the small, but vocal dishonest sales persons?

Do something about the lying, do something about the pricing, do something about the over-promising and under-delivering issues, do something about the increasing annual fees, do something about the inability to exchange when rentals are readily available, rather than wasting time on "should we OPC, should we tour single men, should we verify income before touring."

In short, do something that will make a significant, positive difference to timeshare owners and potential timeshare owners. Let people buy timeshare, stop selling it to them.

I believe that timeshare is a great product. Let's hope that it can flourish in spite of itself.

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  1. HI Lisa, I must say I like your attitude. I do appreciate hearing from someone that has knowledge about the timeshare industry, and the problems we all deal with, and is willing to speak out.

    I am one of those fools that fell for the fabulous vacation opportunity that owning a timeshare would give you. Not only once but three times. Somehow it all makes sense when you are in a fabulous place and they are showing you a wonderful condo. Of course we all should wake up after the first experience but not all do.

    What made me fall for it was the ability to convert the week to points with RCI. Now I would love to see what you have to say about that.
    Mind you I am not complaining, at least not until it's time to pay the maintenance fee's. WOW!

    Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your comments. Wish I had seen them a few years ago.
    I found you on Redweek.com by the way and found my way here. Thank you!