Monday, January 24, 2011

A Clarification For Those Confused Souls Out There

This morning I received sixty-seven (67) e-mails from consumers asking for help in selling their timeshare.

And while I should be answering those e-mails right now instead of writing a post, I need to clarify something to the one out of sixty seven who stated that since Timeshare Insights charged for their services, that it was a "scam."

First of all for anyone who has read one tenth of what I've been writing for years now, they would know that I think that upfront fees for selling timeshare are NOT the way to go. For a variety of reasons that I won't go into right now.

Secondly, the word "scam" is harsh and in most cases, unwarranted, even for those firms charging upfront fees. In most cases, there is nothing illegal about it. Even the "transfer companies", whose business models I abhor, are not doing anything illegal. They are simply preying upon people's lack of knowledge and fear.

Lastly dear confused consumer...yes, Timeshare Insights charges for their consulting services. MODULE 1-designed to find out if timeshare would benefit you, MODULE 2-which timeshare would be the best fit for you and MODULE 3-help with a timeshare that you no longer use or want each carry a very nominal $250 fee.

What you get for that $250 is clear cut, unbiased, independent, solid advice. If you choose to work with any company that we may refer you to, we don't get a kick-back or a referral fee. That's how you can be assured that the information we are providing you with is unbiased.

What we find more often than not is that people reach out to Timeshare Insights AFTER spending thousands of dollars in "listing fees", or in "transfer fees" only to receive the annual bill the following year as the "transfer" never took place. That's when the allegations of "scam" come into place, but woefully misdirected.

Timeshare Insights draws upon experience and contacts. Yes, there's a fee associated with that. Are you serious about wanting personalized, independent information? Timeshare Insights does that.

For anyone who is expecting free service...remember that if if sounds to good to be true, it is and FREE is one of the four words I tell consumers to run away from.

The end.

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