Sunday, January 30, 2011

For What?

I founded Timeshare Insights on three basic principles:

1) to write about the timeshare industry
2) to educate and assist consumers
3) to be a catalyst for positive change in the timeshare industry

I did not want to sell, rent, buy, broker, list, transfer or represent any timeshare or any timeshare company. I still don't. I did not want to merely whine and bitch about the various things in the industry that needed to change. I still don't. I did not want to continue with the outdated status quo within the industry. I still don't.

Yet, here we are many years later and I've come to some sobering realizations:

1) the scammers and borderline scammers continue to rake in millions of dollars
2) the whiners and naysayers continue whining without changing anything, their main reason
for being in around at all seems to be to whine
3) while the industry has taken some baby steps, continues to cling to outdated marketing and
sales techniques and continues to think of itself as something different and I dare say better
than any other product/service out there
4) the general media is not interested in focusing on anything positive about the timeshare
industry or the timeshare product
5) the vast majority of timeshare owners are lazy and not really interested in being helped or
even finding out more about the great product that they purchased

So I find myself with a business model that just isn't working.

And I ask myself, for what?

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