Saturday, January 15, 2011

New ARDA Video Misses The Key Feature Of Timeshare

There's a new 2 minute video on ARDA's consumer site that hopes to share what timeshare is all about without the need for a sales presentation...their words, not mine.

It shows people enjoying great accommodations, having wonderful vacatione experiences, etc. in lush locales.

What is DOESN'T focus on is "ownership." Unless I missed it (and my apologies if I did), there is not one mention of the word "own." They do mention "guarantee" which is, IMHO NOT a good word to use.

Let's face can have great vacation experiences with family and friends in great locations without timeshare. It's being done everyday by people who don't own timeshare.

Timeshare is about one thing and one thing only...ownership. So why not focus on that?

Many years back, when I was a naive younger thing and thought I could change the timeshare industry with a wave of my hand (only a slight exaggeration), I did an interview where I said, "what the timeshare industry needs is a successful PR campaign to address and get over the bad image that it still has." I still stand by this all these years later.

ARDA's video is nice, don't get me wrong and I applaud their efforts, but without mentioning ownership and without addressing the misinformation that's out there, how do they expect to change people's minds?

Timeshare is a wonderful product with great advantages...first and foremost of those is ownership.

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