Sunday, March 13, 2011

Updates To Some Bad Guys

Hurrah! It seems that Timeshare of those "postcard companies" claiming to be in business to "help" timeshare owners by taking their deed and thousands of dollars, is gone out of business. We've yet to see, however, if they are a parent company of other such companies, or in reverse, under the umbrella of a parent company.

And what about Rci Innoventions, one of the other companies that I've written about in the past? It seems that they are under continued investigation and their president has been busted for using other people's credit cards to charge restaurant and cell phone bills.

You really think that by now, consumers would know what to do and what not to do, but my e-mail box is a clear indication that they don't.

I'll say it again...if you are cold-called or otherwise solicited regarding your timeshare, STAY AWAY. I don't care what they say, how many "buyers" they have for it, how much bad news they have to say about timeshare, how similar their names might be to legitimate timeshare organizations, etc.

And for heaven's sake...use some judgement here...if someone cold called you about your car and told you they have a buyer for it, would you continue to even talk to them?

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