Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lakeview Manor Resort-Bahamas

I was made aware of this situation at Lakeview Manner in the Bahamas through an e-mail that one of the owners sent to me.

It seems that the resort has been dis-affiliated from RCI because they "had not met the enrollment quota." I'm checking into this issue to see what the true story is.

What is equally troubling is the fact that a representative of the resort sent an e-mail to about 350 individual owners, but instead of a) personally addressing each e-mail or b) using the simple "bcc" feature she made individual names, e-mail addresses and unit numbers available to everyone.

The entire situation sounds weird at best. I'm doing some checking to see what the true story is but in the meantime, if you own at Lakeview Manor, work at Lakeview Manor and/or work at RCI and can shed some light on this situation, please let us know.

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