Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Real Truths About Timeshare-Part 2


Again, the author makes these fees out to be specific to timeshares only. Let's be serious. When you rent a hotel room for $150 a night you are also paying your maintenance fees, unless you are doing landscaping work, cleaning the pool or overhauling the roof. How much of the $150 a night is for the room and how much is for the maintenance fees? They keep that from you.

At least with a timeshare, you know upfront what the fees are. Again, shame on anyone who purchases a timeshare without knowing what the fees are, what they were last year and the year before that and knowing what the cap, if any, is.

If you buy a car for around $30,000 would you expect to not pay maintenance fees? When you buy a house, don't you pay to keep the place up?

Can you rent a hotel room for less than maintenance fees? Of course you can. The average annual maintenance fee last year was about $650. That comes out to about $90 per night. Then again, if you are happy with a $90 hotel room, then by all means, stay away from timeshare.

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