Friday, April 22, 2011

The Real Truths About Timeshare-Part 3


Yes, if you purchase from a developer and pay the average of slightly over $20,000, you can turn around in two years and expect to get considerably less than that. But look at anything else other than your house (and these days you might be able to include your house) buy a car for $30,000 and finance it. The second you drive it out of the dealer's lot, you take a $5,000 hit. Drive it for a year or two and you're down $10,000. Drive it until you can't anymore, say 15 years, sell it for $2,000 an dthen you have to start all over again.

It's the same thing with furniture, computers, clothing, CDs, electronics and everything else.

Timeshares should NEVER be purchased with an eye for selling them at a profit or even at break-even. Timeshares should be purchased with an eye for using them. And unlke the car, the furniture, the computer, the clothing, the CDs, the electronics and everything else, they don't have a shelf life, they don't expire, they don't have to be just have to pay an annual fee to keep your home rsort up to date.

Of course, if you buy a timeshare on the legitimate resale marekting you are going to pay considerably less than $20,000 so the "depreciating asset" myth is just that, a myth.

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