Friday, April 22, 2011

Sorry, But I Don't Believe It

Here's a piece that I saw in Consumer Affairs:

Why would anyone buy a timeshare, you ask? Left to their own devices, they probably wouldn't.

"My husband was told that he won a vacation, but that he had to go listen to the pitch and he was not going to be pressured to buy anything," Alehandra, of Los Angeles, told "Well they accompany you to the restroom, they even accompany you to the bank. I did not get a chance to discuss it with my husband because we were being watched over by the sales guy from Pacific Monarch Grand Vacations."

Alejandra said she and her husband were told one thing, but the contract said something else. They thought they were being offered a week's stay at a Las Vegas resort, but it turned out to only we one or two days.

"I think $2,300 a year is a major rip off for 1- 2 nights every two years, Alejandra said.

Sorry, but I don't believe this story at all.  Especially the piece about the people accompanying the clients to the bathroom and to the bank.  I think it is bogus.  And in the rare event that this is true, WHY WOULD ANYONE NOT JUST WALK OUT?

Stories like this that get national coverage burn me up.


  1. Lisa, I do not believe it either. The customers should not have even taken the tour if they knew they did not want to buy first of all. Secondly, sounds like they bought a bi-annual package that included bonus mini-vacs. The $2300 per year is probably her paymentts over the next two years if there is any basis to that at all... and yeah, why would they not just walk out if they could not even go to the restroom alone? that is insanity!! if she is not lying, then she is an idiot for putting up with it and then crying about it.

  2. Agreed. I'm tired of reading about this. No doubt there is some room for improvement within the industry, but I think it is just wrong for the mainstream media to print this.

  3. Not only room for improvement within the industry, but room for improvement from consumers behaviours. When you knowingly say "I am going to refuse to buy but I will go anyway" and then cry about the fact that you bought something, its just irresponsible and wrong. If I know that I do not want to buy a pair of shoes, the last thing that I am going to bother doing is going in to a shoe store to look at shoes. But if I DO go to the shoe store, I can not be upset at the shoe salesman for trying to sell me a pair of shoes.. and if I buy the shoes that I did not want simply because the shoe salemen is pushy or even if he lied to convince me, I still own some of my own responsibility for having walked in there in the first place when I knew full good and well that I did not want or need any shoes. So, in my opinion, the changes need to come from both sides... completely,. all are responsible.