Friday, April 8, 2011

Timeshare Conventions-What They Mean For Consumers

The American Resort Development Association (ARDA), just wrapped up their annual convention in Orlando and the Canadian Resort Development Association (CRDA) is holding their annual convention later this month in Vancouver.  Next month, Perspective International will be hosting the first ever GNEX convention.

Now, as a timeshare owner, you may think that these annual conventions have no impact on you and serve no other purpose than a convenient excuse for timeshare professionals to run up their expense accounts and have some fun in some wonderful locale for a few days.  You would however be very wrong.

Today, I'm going to introduce you to GNEX, why I's so excited about it and what impact it will have for you.

GNEX 2011 is being put on by Perspective International (  By the way, if you do not subscribe to Owners Perspective, check it out.  I'm all about sharing as much information with timeshare owners as possible.  The goal of this year's convention, is to quote Paul Mattimoe, "getting together all of the industry leaders on a global basis to share best practices and move the industry forward."

That seems like a tall order at best, but it serves as a great illustration of why this event in particular is important to timeshare owners worldwide.  Sharing of information on a global basis.  Timeshare, as you can imagine, means one thing in Orlando and quite another in Dubai.  Timeshare owner and potential owners are concerned about one thing in Hilton Head and another thing in France.

GNEX will be making great use of the delegates' time by making the convention as interactive as possible.  I can tell you that it is this interactive format that to me, hold the most promise.  I had the good fortune to participate in "The Timeshare of the Future" session at ARDA last week, and while I did find the general education sessions interesting, I found that once the audience was participating and exchanging information, FAR more good ideas were generated.

I'll be writing more about GNEX in the following days.  In the meantime, visit their site at

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