Friday, May 20, 2011

A Public Service To Timeshare Marketers

Since allowing people to buy timeshare instead of trying to shove timeshare down people's throats may still be too much of a shift for timeshare marketers, here's some free information, courtesy of The Timeshare Crusader.  At the very least, market your timeshare in these geographic areas where people just may have the propensity to pay for the timeshare.  Groundbreaking, I know.

Timeshare Insights has NEVER said that we have all the answers.  Marketing and sales is not a "one method" venture.  However, marketing a $20,000+ product to people spending $99 for 3 days/2 nights in a hotel and upping the bribe by throwing in 2 theme park tickets worth $160, with no regard for their income or their FICO score, doesn't seem to be  a)  the smartest move or b)  working that good any longer.

So, why not consider these areas:

Green Bay, Wisconsin
Average FICO Score   786.06

Madison, Wisconsin
Average FICO Score   785.30

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Average FICO Score    784.12

San Francisco, California
Average FICO Score     779.26

Boston, Massachusetts
Average FICO Score    777.79

Lincoln, Nebraska
Average FICO Score     776.16

Seattle, Washington
Average FICO Score     775.66

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Average FICO Score     775.59

Fargo, North Dakota
Average FICO Score     773.85

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Average FICO Score     773.44

One more thing...the residents of these cites didn't earn this high FICO scores by making purchases on a whim, or buying things that they didn't need and/or couldn't afford.  Don't pitch invesment, don't rush these people and above all else, show them a value proposition to your timeshare.

And let me know if you can convince Warren Buffet, one of Nebraska's most famous residents on the value of timeshare.  If you can figure that one out, you've got it made!

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