Friday, June 10, 2011

Why Timeshare?

I'll admit that it has been awhile since I visited a timeshare resort.  So when someone from a large, well-known timeshare resort in the Orlando area reached out to me to discuss the timeshare business and take a look around the resort, I jumped at the chance.

Oh yes, it all came back to me...what the advantages of timeshare are!  Size, quality, luxury, kitchen facilities and privacy to name a few.

It sounds like a sales cliche, but it is very don't live in one room at home, why do it on vacation?  Shouldn't everything about your vacation, starting with your accommodations be better than your regular life?  You can't get that in a typical hotel room.

I recently returned from both Vancouver, British Columbia where I moderated a panel at CRDA and Nassau, Bahamas where I covered GNEX.  Both times, I stayed at lovely properties; the St. Regis and the Atlantis, respectively.  I even wrote a glowing review of the St. Regis.

As nice as both hotels were, I would have liked them even more if I had some space to sit, eat, relax, etc. other than my bed.  I hate to cook, I don't cook at home.  But I truly enjoy the ability to make tea, toast or something and eat in my pyjamas instead of having to get dressed and go to a restaurant or snack bar first thing in the morning.

Sure, there are some timeshares that you should avoid...more on these at a later date...but if you haven't visited a timeshare lately, do yourself a favor and rent one soon.  I'll be doing a webinar on June 16th about summer vacation timeshare rentals.  Here's the link:

And if you do own a timeshare, drop me a line and let me know what you like best about them!

Happy travels.

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