Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Your Marketing DOES Suck-Lisa Ann Schreier and Mark Stevens

Rule 4 in the excellent book, "Your Marketing Sucks" by Mark Stevens states, "You will never jump ahead of the pack if you accept the conventional wisdom.  Healthy skepticism is a good thing.  Question every single thing you have ever heard about the "right way" to market."

Very definition of one of the timeshare industry's biggest problems.

Back in the early or mid 1970's someone decided that the "right way" to market timeshare included these gems:

*  bribe the client, any client
*  a 90 minute sales presentation
*  clients never come back
*  clients don't decide to buy timeshare, so it has to be sold to them
*  don't show the price until the end and make that price inflated, not the "real price"
*  don't allow for any thinking on the consumers' part; keep 'em in the ether and close 'em

Sure, there was LOTS of money made...TONS.  But I keep thinking that it could have been tons MORE if someone would have made some changes to that "right way" and provided a clear, easy to understand vacation value proposition for a terrific product.

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