Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Myth of the Sought After Product

I've been battling the whole issue of letting people buy timeshare as opposed to selling it to them for years now; in print and in person.  The standard response by those with years more experience than me in timeshare is, "but people don't wake up one day and decide they want a timeshare; timeshare is not a sought after product."

Can someone please tell me what is a sought after product?  Other than the basic necessities of life, e.g. clothing, food, shelter, nothing we purchase is a sought after product.  That is until it is marketed or advertised or recommended to us in which case we "need" it and can't imagine our lives without it.

But timeshare stubbornly clings to the theory that it is somehow different than everything else out there.

I have a news flash, it isn't.  You want people to buy more timeshare, advertise it.


  1. What? No Bentley TV?

  2. Interesting. While it's true that I've never seen a TV commercial for Bentley, make no mistake that they are advertised.

    Or, are you commenting on the similarities between timeshares and Bentleys? If so, when was the last time a Bentley dealer tried to get you to come in by offering a free dinner show?

  3. Heh. Lisa, you must be new.

    Timeshare presentations used to be the place where you got a 6" Bentley TV as a "gift" They were made special for timeshare gifts. Black and white and took 8 D-Cells. Must have been the 80's.

  4. Dear Anonymous:

    Ah, may prefer to think of me as "new", I like to think of myself as "young." :-) Thanks for the information though, good to know and always appreciative of learning new things.

  5. That was a joke, Bentley TV, free at a 2 hour timeshare presentation near you.

    They were so ubiquitous. But a long time ago.