Monday, July 25, 2011

Timeshare Question #2

OK, maybe not so much a question as a thought...

Don't you think that the timeshare industry would be in a better place if they looked into attracting new clients rather than constantly "upgrade" (and by upgrade I meann, switching from weeks to points, to colored points, to new alliances, etc.) their existing owners?

Many owners don't understand their existing system and some can't get what they were promised out of it to begin with.  By constantly "adding" things, especially to an every-aging owner base, the industry is proving to be out of touch.

Give people something easy to understand, easy to use and that work the way it is supposed to.  "Enchancements" and "upgrades" usually serve only the organization, not the end user.

1 comment:

  1. But everything in the industry is like that.

    If it were easy to understand and had actual value they wouldn't have to buy Bentley TVs by the gross. Heh.