Monday, October 17, 2011

A SOIC Preview

Interval International's annual conference, Shared Ownership Investment Conference (SOIC) begins today and we are honored that we have been granted a Media Pass to cover the event.

I hope that I'm able to bring you, my readers, positive stories.  I'd like nothing more to report that there are positive changes happening in the timeshare industry.  I've made a career out of writing about what those changes should be.  Timeshare moves very slowly and it's important to remember that the people at the top of the food pyramid have no real incentive to change a system that has brought them millions upon millions of dollars in the past.

No doubt, the conference will be attended by people and organizations that have been ill-informed and dismissive of what Timeshare Insights and other like minded organizations are all about.  I've been called a "troublemaker" and worse and been treated like I didn't matter by many people who of course haven't bothered to find out what Timeshare Insights is all about.  They of course now command huge speaking and consulting fees and are looked at as the "new timeshare mesiah" for saying the exact same things that I've been saying for years now...really, it's a big suprise to anyone that consumers like to buy and don't like to be sold to?  Wow, where have I heard that before?

However, despite the fact that the conference will be full of these people, I'm going to attempt to take the high road and spend my time reporting on what is going on as well as spending time discussing what positive changes can be made with the people that are interested in these changes.

If you are one of the former...I have one word for you..."karma."  If you are one of the latter, I look forward to working with you.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Be careful - I've heard alot about donate timeshares ripoffs, so make sure you are informed before considering timeshare relief.