Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How Many Points for A Purple Week?

Just wanted to clear up a few things today as I've received some emails recently from some very confused timeshare owners.

1)  RCI and II no longer use colors to designate various weeks.  IMHO that's a great thing, because as we all know, no resort or location is "all red, all the time."

2)  Points are NOT the same across the board.  82,000 RCI points aren't the same as 82,000 Disney Vacation Club points, Marriott points, etc.  IMHO that's a horrible thing as the consumer as of this writing really has no basis for comparison.  I'll be addressing this issue in my new book which will be available next year.

3)  Just because your resort is now offering points, or has switched to points, doesn't mean you need to/have to.  It's best to work with someone who isn't trying to sell you something in order to determine what's the best way to proceed.

Keep the questions coming.

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